'Clear Mind' Second Year Project​

A collection of work from Tori's final second-year university project. The project was entitled 'Clear Mind', based on the song 'Clear Mind' by Rob Hes. The aim of the brief was to explore both man-made and hand techniques whilst exploring music to design two garments. The song 'Clear Mind' is a dark, industrial piece of techno music. The first garment designed was a jumpsuit with an interchangeable yolk piece, transforming the collar piece into collar and hood. The jumpsuit was made with a one-off digital graphic print, inspired by the lyrics at the end of the song, printed onto bull denim. The use of hidden messages to portray the message in the song was used when designing the print.

The hoodie was designed using TR cutting techniques to create a 7 line, spiral box effect. Inspired by the repetitive beats of the song (from the introduction). The TR shapes allowed for 4 separate pockets to be inside the hoodie's front panels and the large zip features which go from the forehead (on the hood) all the way down the back allow for access into the hoodie, whilst adding a splash of colour and a unique design feature.

Photographer: @hibbert98

Model: @artur_mizerski_jr



Fashion and Textiles Designer