Lockdown Lessons​

During the lockdown, I decided to make the most of this time off and develop my illustration skills and learn some new digital techniques. I signed up to Skillshare and wanted to share what I have learned. Take a look: 

As I am not particularly confident with my illustration skills, I chose this class to begin with. Normally  I get frustrated when things don't look, how they look in my head but I wanted to take the time to build my confidence with portrait skills. It was actually really simple.


Charly uploaded three worksheets with images of people. I believe this class was intended for drawing and then uploading an image and editing it digitally but I went straight in using illustrator. 


After working through the three worksheets, I then went on to try looking a male model and then attempted a more complicated photo of myself. I definitely think colour, layers and pattern are really important to add emphasis to an illustration. 


A fantastic TIP, Charly shared a free creative platform for colour inspiration with thousands of trendy hand-picked colour palettes. Its called 'Colour Hunt' and I really recommend it.

I then moved on to thinking about how simple repeat patterns could be used to create more dimension to my digital artwork. Looking at simple shapes, layer and typography. For this I used a simple colour palette I found on 'Colour Hunt' and took inspiration from one of my favourite graffiti artists Penfold, a Bristol-based graffiti artists who is inspired by skateboard graphics and abstractions. Again this was completed on Illustrator. 



I was really impressed with the first-class I took by Evgeniya & Dominic Righini-Brand. when I saw this one, I was immediately attracted to abstract patterns. This time using photoshop. 


As I've previously studied textiles, I am very familiar with creating repeat patterns within photoshop. however, this technique was new to me and its fantastic to learn new software skills. 


Again, I used some of the original colour palettes I used during my portrait illustration samples. For this technique, I used a background colour and three layers of abstract patterns, each one lesser bold. 


Initially starting off with creating a basic pattern with different layers. Then dividing the pattern into 4, moving each piece to its opposite corner and then using the lasso tool to redraw sections along the 'Y' and 'X' access to make the pattern seamlessly repeat. 


I'm going to create some simple step by step for these techniques because it would be very useful to have these at hand. 



I've always wanted to learn how to use the animation settings on photoshop and when I saw this quick, fun doodle-styled lettered GIF tutorial I thought it would be fun to trial this technique. Jamie actually used a technique to write out the letters multiple times using tracing paper, before scanning it into work on it digitally. However, I went straight in and created a basic GIF that adds words in every new slide. It actually a really simple technique and I would recommend if you're interested in GIF-making, to take a look at this short tutorial.

Before starting any tutorials I really recommend taking a look at the 'Studnet Projects' section to get some inspiration and see what other people have been doing. 



Useful Worksheets

I have some experience working within the industry, and I wanted to use this time to share my knowledge with others. Anything that I've found useful I'm going to create a worksheet which you can download and hopefully can learn from. 

Fashion Key Words.

This would be a really useful sheet to download and have to hand when starting a University fashion degree. Most are general knowledge but if you're like me, this will definability come in handy at some point. 

How to Create a Repeat Tile in Adobe Photoshop. 

This is a really simple technique which I believe allows you to push a concept further, perhaps that be through motifs or typography. This is a technique I learnt whilst working alongside the textile designer at Sainsbury's TU, Davinder Madaher. 

How to Create a Repeat Tile in Adobe Photoshop (Alternative Method). 

This is a slightly different technique to the original 'How to' I created. I learnt this technique off SkillShare and though some people might prefer this. However, I personally believe the first option is easier. This technique might be more useful for abstract patterns. 

Introduction into Graphics Typography. 

I wanted to compile a list of typography based graphic details which I think can really change a document. If you're interested in this typography it would be great to learn the basics and be able to appreciate or form a critical opinion of pieces of work. 

Adobe Illustrator Techniques Everyone Should Know About.

I've been working hard to update my knowledge of tricks and techniques on Adobe Illustrator. I wanted to compile of list of things I've newly learnt or things I use every day that I believe is really helpful for a designer when starting to use this programme. This document is four pages long so be sure to keep going through it as I've added a mixture of different things.  


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