Graduate Collection

Tori's graduate collection is a genderless streetwear collection for AW20, entitled 'The Resistance'. Inspired by the history of the city of Detroit, from its industrial heyday through its decline, social upheaval, poverty and unemployment. The collection is designed to act as protection on the streets today. Through her use of bold typography-based graphic prints, she presents ideas of social and radical inequality, crying out for an egalitarian society. 
Here you can view her graduate portfolio, which she took with her to Graduate Fashion Week 2019. It includes 'The Resistance' collection, alongside a YKK competition brief, to design and make a bag. Her second-year project entitled 'Clear Mind' and the shanghai summer collaboration project entitled '1933'.
As part of her final hand in, she also created at the editorial video, which was a collaborative piece, with videographer and creative director Sam Mays (Instagram: @sammays27).  She also designed and printed a lookbook, with help from Alina Hibbert (Instagram: @hibbert98) for the photography and of course her wonderful models Jenny (Instagram: @jennylangleyy) and Pete (Instagram: @pete_donkor_junior).
Plus a full tech pack for all garments in the collection. This includes the production method, costing sheets, garment design specification, fabric specification and technical process specification sheets. 
Finally, she was asked to learn and produce a minimum of two finished looks using the software Marvelous Designer. This software is fantastic for making, editing and reusing 3D clothes.  It is an excellent and futuristic tool to develop designs before putting them into production making it sustainable and cost-effective. 
Please click on the links below to view the lookbook, tech pack and Marvelous Designer videos in further detail. ​

Fashion and Textiles Designer