Tori Grace Coleman is a fashion and textile designer currently based in Suffolk. During her second year of university, studying textiles at Cardiff Metropolitan University, Tori took part in a three month Erasmus+ trip whereby she travelled to China to study fashion at the Beijing Institute of Fashion and Technology. During this trip, she discovered a love for pattern cutting and design. Upon returning she decided to move institutions and study fashion design to pursue her passion. Tori graduated from the University of South Wales with a First-Class Honours degree. 


Tori has a love for travelling and urban exploring photography, she is constantly looking for inspiration through textures and shapes. 

Tori continues to develop her own style whilst gaining valuable experience within the industry. She is currently working as a freelance designer for various different streetwear and vintage brands, whilst taking time out to travel and gain inspiration for future projects. 


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ACIV RIOT is the brand Tori created whilst at University, in keeping with her graduate collection. ACIV RIOT is an acronym of 'Active Clothing 4 Riot' and an Anagram of her first full name 'Victoria'. Creating a brand identity which depicts her creative concepts whilst still close to her roots. 




Fashion and Textiles Designer